Film Agglomerator


Product Description
Plastic Agglomerate will be a waste of thermoplastic film and wall thickness of less than 2 millimeters products direct granulation equipment, it can make granule for soft PVC, high-low-pressure polyethylene, polystyrene, thermoplastic polypropylene plastics and other waste products, or the films, also be of granulation for the abandoned polystyrene foam products.

The main shaft is metal processed after being heat-treated and adjusted straight and this machine is of low noise but high output, with the removable blade as the fixed blade, resulting in convenient repair and maintenance.


Model Motor Power Volume(L) Rotary Blade(pc) Fixed Blade Rotating Speed(rpm) Output
(KW) (pc) (kg/h)
FAL200 55 200 8 2 950 150-180
FAL300 75 300 8 2 850 200-250
FAL500 90 500 8 2 850 270-350