Slow Speed Crusher



Product Description 
1) Low noise and low speed for an low decibels environment.
2) Special tools are made of steel and vacuum heat treated to increase operation life.
3) Design of a separate breaking room facilitates cleaning.
4) Primary crushing and fine breaking are conducted at the same time to increase work efficiency.
5) It` s suitable for electronic products, nylon fibers, ABS, acrylic, AS and PS, PET and etc.
6) Faster cutter replacement, easy cleaning allows rapid screen changing.
7) Size of crushed granules adjustable depends on screen changed. (From 1-20mm)
8) Built-in emergency safety switch, allows automatic stopping, when screening base and hopper are being opened.
9) Special designs made to order for meeting clients need.
10) The unloading hopper is mobile and due to comprehensive employment such as auto loaders, storage barrel and bag etc., to exchange the necessary attachment.
11) Easy maintenance, and less fee.
12) Product gain equal size
13) Cutter material is made by Japan Hitachi SKD-11SKH-2T.C.Tetc.,
14) We can afford many models for granulated scrap and capacity volume concern and satisfied client` s requirement.
15) The design has contained vision aesthetic appearance to improve the machine valuable.

Model GMP-20 GMP-30
Power (HP) 2HP 3HP
Inlet Size (mm) 180x210 250 x 290
R.P.M 29 rpm 36 rpm
Contents (kg) 25 kg 30 kg
Capacity (kg) 12-20 kg/hr 18-30 kg/hr
Machine Size (mm) 830 x 320 x 1120 950 x 350 x 1230
Machine Weight (kg) 150 kg 230 kg