Slow-Speed Dual Shaft Crusher


This product is a plastic shredder without the sieve. Low-speed operation is specially designed to crush all kinds of scraps and inferiors from plastic injection machinas. The granulator has such features as stable operation, no noise and dust pollitution, good granulation with consistent particles, no overheat during the poeration and prolonged service life.

Application : 
Applicable to crushing large plastic/rubber pleces, such as phells of TV sets, washers and refrigerators, vehicle guardrail, large pipes, chemical barrels and fork plates, as well as dies, tires, woods, electric wires, IC boards and aluminum/paper/plastic products.

1. dual cutter shaft design, low revolution and noise; 
2. large torque with opar reduction box; 
3. special steel cutter with high strength and long service life; 
4. combined design, easy to maintain.