Model Number: HF9000



  • Electro-hydraulic operation
  • 508mm runway widths
  • HF9000A model includes the AK4T bolt-on alignment kit (radius gauges not included) Pictured with optional rolling jack (ProJack 4500A)
  • Optional: air pump for rolling jack (ProJack-Kit)
  • 3-stage arms with rubber adapters (RA)


Lifting Capacity: 4082kg (9000
Stroke: 1825mm (71-3/4")
Overall Length: 5337mm (210".
Overall Length: 4730mm (18-1/2"
Length of Ramps: 772mm (30-3/8")
Overall Width (w/Motor) :  
Overall Width (w/o Motor): 3020mm (118-7/8
Width of Runways: 508mm (20")
Length of Runways:  4500mm
Height of Runways: 127 mm 
Width Between Runways: 1000mm (39-1/4") 
Outside Width of Runways: 2016mm (79-1/4") 
Inside Width of Columns: 2716mm (106-7/8") 
Inside Length of Columns:  4190mm (164-7/8" 
Drive Through: 2330mm (91-5/8")
Height of Columns 2220mm (87-3/8")
Motor Power:  2.2kw
Power Options:  1PH/220v/50Hz or 60Hz