Spray Cabinet BY-SC

بدون عنوان

Model Number: BY-SC



Outside Dimension: 1000×800× 2100 mm(L×W×H)
Body: Made by 1.5mm steel plate, power coated.
Lighting system: 1units×1pc=1pc20W anti-explosion lamp.
Ventilation system: Intake air from front, exhaust air from top back, with anti-explosion axial fan,air capacity:2000 m3/h
Filtering System: Exhaust fibreglass filter.
Control System:  Normal relay controlling, fan operation and lighting switch, infrared drying

Technical Parameters

Canbinet Dimension: (mm)  1000×800×2100
Air Capacity of exhaust fan: (m3/h)  2000
Efficiency of Air Filtration:  ≥85%
Noise:db(A) <70
Total Power: (KW) 0.4

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