Wheel Aligner A-380


After 3 years of pioneer development, AUTOBOSS A-380 alignment system finally comes out with 3D technology. It enjoys the following multifunction to meet different requirements.

1- Make working environment flexible

  • Accurate data available on different conditions of lifts and ground.

    2- Save valuable time and cost

  • Easy to operate.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • No electronics inside.
  • No cables or batteries inside.
  • No need to do maintenance for the wheel targets.
  • No calibration required in your whole life time.
  • Whole measurement process takes only 5 minutes in 4 steps.
  • Fast measurement readings for toe, toe-out-on-turns, track width and wheelbase in real-time.

    3- Provide accuracy and reliable measurement

  • Simple component, function stable.
  • Not be affected by signal, light, temperature etc.
  • Over 20,000 car models OEM data in the system with frequent update. 
  • 3D pattern alignment technology, the advanced technology in the world. 
  • 33 drops with 3 different dimensions providing precise measurement solutions.

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