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News 1

Engineering Agencies  is pleased to announce that it is now the exclusive agent for Liberty lifter  of workshops, equipment and supplies inside Saudi Arabia, so they offer a special discount of 7% on all products for Liberty and also the warranty period to 16 months..

News (2)

Engineering Agencies  intervention of a new type of speech technology and winches 13% discount and one-year warranty on brand safe lifter .

News (3)

Availability of all products leading Autoboos company in the automotive test equipment and wheel aligner devices with Engineering Agencies  at attractive prices.

News (4)

Availability of adaptation and service devices freon for cars brand:  Robinair (spx)

About us

Engineering agencies is one of the current update industrial organization of al-hana Taiwan international group engineering agencies Saudi establishment specialized expertise and outstanding Taiwanese in the supply of workshop equipment by good price and high quality and also provides of all spare parts . 

Vision and Mission

Experience, quality and the good price allowed here that enjoy the confidence of all customers within the king dam of Saudi Arabia through the selection of trained technical personnel on the latest production of workshop equipment technology to feature in the service of maintenance and technical support and after-sales service and so reliable customers in meeting their needs in an effort to achieve our first "leader ship in the workshop equipment succeed and be the first partner to our clients " and seeks the spread of the institution that are more in research and development in the field of workshop equipment, engineering agencies has the answers to the most demanding jobs.